F.W. Schmitt Sondermaschinenbau GmbH


Friedrich Wilhelm Schmitt began his training as an electrician in 1950. Even back then he was more interested in fixing up motorbikes, saws and tillers and became the expert on these machines in customer service. His career as an inventor began shortly afterwards and his first design was for a motorized tilling trailer.

He then decided to dedicate himself to a new hobby, building go-carts. He made everything but the motors themselves and won several championships. By chance, in 1965 he heard of a production company that had no suitable filling equipment for its product. His spontaneous cry of ‘that’s the kind of thing you just make for yourself’ landed him an equally spontaneous development order. He completed the contract, simply reinventing the associated pneumatic system in the process.

Before the first men landed on the moon, first the probable and later the actual progress of events was simulated in an animated television film. Immediately afterwards, television screens everywhere glowed with live images of the event of the millennium. F.W. Schmitt had a significant involvement in the production of that animated film. Towards the end of the seventies, his internationally patented COE feeder for liquid products was adopted by the chemical industry. The creator of special machines also designed their surroundings, the sealing systems and a low-energy, grease-free palletizing system.

When two of his sons decided to join the family company its future was assured, and now they run the company with continuing success.
The F.W. Schmitt company slogan remains: There’s no such thing as „it can’t be done“.