Table filler

The table fillers are available with a mass flow system and with scales. All table fillers are regarded as a kind of workplaceand can be individually equippedFrom 200ml round containers up to 30liter canisters can be filled with this tablefillers. The requirement for a high degree of flexibility and a high filling accuracy isguaranteed by the measurement of mass flow meters.

With the scales filler very high filling accuracy is also achieved. From the first to the lastcontainer fillings are accurate. Air pockets are not relevant hereEven with abrasive products the scale filler is very well suited as a destruction of thefilling elements (through the non-existent friction) is prevented.

With a servo motor is a custom sub-mirror panel (with product-related storage)possible, and it can therefore be filled foaming products. The system is very easy to clean and maintain.

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